Against Virus, from Increasing Yourself Immunity

Besides washing hands often, another effective method of virus infection prevention is to increase your immunity. Sea cucumber has been taken as immune booster in Asian countries for thousands of years, where sea cucumber was consumed as traditional luxury food and folk medicinal sources.

This table lists several bioactive compounds from different species. For example, homogenized whole sea cucumber Isostichopus badionotus, Isostichopus fuscus, and Cucumaria frondosa have been reported to promote immune function by cell immunity and non-specific immunity in normal mice and promote immune function by cell immunity, humoral immunity and non-specific immunity in immunodepression mice. Between different species, C. frondosa showed significant remarkable function in immune regulation, which may correlate to its higher contents of triterpene glycoside and active amino acids.

Nova Sea Atlantic Sea Cucumber Capsules use the high quality Atlantic sea cucumber wild caught from north Canada ocean. National Research Council of Canada completed a study in July 2019 showing our sea cucumber capsule’s potential to boost the immune system. After 4 weeks of sea cucumber powder treatment on mice, their Immunoglobulin production was significantly improved.

Immune system improvement as a result of taking our sea cucumber powder has been identified by this scientific study.

In this season, to take AKSO’s sea cucumber capsules is a good option to keep you health and away from virus!