We Were Featured in Health & Wellness Magazine!

In case you missed it, Nova Sea Atlantic Sea Cucumber capsules were featured on the back cover of this month’s Health & Wellness magazine! 

Health & Wellness Retailer (published quarterly by Mercury Publications) is designed as the definitive guide to health and wellness products and information for traditional health food stores, pharmacies and grocery retailers.

Each issue features news, product reviews and in-depth research reports on the topics driving consumer decisions today. 

Mercury Publications has been covering the food and hospitality market since 1947 with publications such as Western Grocer, C-Store Canada, Votre depanneur, Western Restaurant News, Western Hotelier, Eastern Hotelier, Western Food Processor and Bar & Beverage Business.

About Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber Capsules.

Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber capsules were developed by AKSO Marine Biotech Inc. as a way to enjoy the health benefits of Atlantic Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Frondosa) through daily supplementation. All Atlantic Sea Cucumber used in Nova Sea Atlantic™ is sourced from Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd., located in Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia. Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. utilizes its proprietary cooking and drying process to lock in nutrition and ensure the highest quality. All Sea Cucumbers processed come from the coastal waters of Eastern Canada in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber capsules are registered with Health Canada as a Natural Product for providing antioxidants that help fight/protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and a large number of unique bioactive compounds including; triterpene glycosides, chondroitin sulphates, glycosaminoglycan, sulphated polysaccharides, sterols, phenolics, lectins, peptides and omega fatty acids. 

If your store is not yet carrying this product, please reach out to us at orders@prosanteinc.com.