We Were Featured in Silver Magazine and Montréal en Santé Magazine!

In case you missed it, Nova Sea Atlantic Sea Cucumber capsules were featured in Silver Magazine and in Montréal en Santé Magazine this month! 

Silver Magazine is a brand of HUM@Nmedia, Canada’s leading health and wellness media company.  Each issue features articles about health, life, travel, fitness, healthy recipes and mind topics that drive consumer decisions and interests. 

Check out this link to their article about sea cucumber, “Sea cucumbers, nature’s powerful gift to support our health“.

Montréal en Santé is affiliated with McGill University and is Quebec’s only bilingual health and wellness magazine. It’s loaded with expert advice from physicians, dieticians, personal trainers and laypeople who love the city we call home.

AKSO Biotech Inc. is honoured to be featured in these high-value and cutting edge magazines this month with its Nova Sea Atlantic™Sea Cucumber capsules. Pick up a copy this month of Silver Magazine or Montréal en Santé Magazine, take a photo and tag us to be featured on our social media pages! 

About Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber Capsules.

Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber Capsules are made with the highest quality sea cucumber, sourced from Atlantic Sea Cucumber, Ltd. of Hackett Cove Nova Scotia. AKSO Biotech Inc.’s mandate is to bring new innovation to the health market by investing in new research and development activities. They leverage scientific partnerships with local and international academia, including the National Research Council of Canada and other reputable research institutes.

Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber capsules were developed by AKSO Marine Biotech Inc. as a way to enjoy the health benefits of Atlantic Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Frondosa) through daily supplementation. All Sea Cucumbers processed come from the coastal waters of Eastern Canada in the North Atlantic Ocean. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and a large number of unique bioactive compounds including; triterpene glycosides, chondroitin sulphates, glycosaminoglycan, sulphated polysaccharides, sterols, phenolics, lectins, peptides and omega fatty acids. 

Nova Sea Atlantic™ Sea Cucumber capsules are registered with Health Canada as a Natural Product for providing antioxidants that help fight/protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. 

If your store is not yet carrying this product, please reach out to us at orders@prosanteinc.com.