Signing a major contract for the first Consumer Expo, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health Sciences and AKSO launch strategic cooperation in brand incubation

From May 7th to 10th, the first China International Consumer Goods Fair, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Hainan Province and undertaken by the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, opened at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. 

With the theme of “Meeting Free Trade Ports and Sharing New Opportunities”, this exhibition brought together more than 1,300 internationally renowned brands from 69 countries and regions around the world to create a global display and trading platform for international consumer boutiques.

At this China International Consumer Goods Expo, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health Science Co., Ltd. and AKSO Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of Canada formally signed a contract. The two parties will join forces to cooperate closely, and are committed to bringing healthy and safe health care solutions to consumers.

The plan is to deepen cooperation with AKSO to share new opportunities for the development of the health industry.

As the demand for health products becomes more mature and consumption levels increase for products such as vitamins and supplements – consumption concepts have become more diversified.  The value of health products has become more important, and in this regard, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Health Sciences and AKSO of Canada have the same understanding.  Due to this, the two parties have decided to strengthen cooperation in product promotion and brand promotion of the big health industry, promote the sales of Nova Sea Atlantic® sea cucumber capsules under the AKSO brand in the Chinese market, and assist in heightening the brand value of ASKO as a company.

As a member of the general health industry, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Health Sciences takes this opportunity to deepen the incubation of imported brands, from cross-border to general trade, online and offline, and gradually establish Fangfang’s incubation capability to help overseas brands.  This would help these brands to establish a virtuous cycle of brand cultivation mechanisms in the Chinese market, so that Chinese consumers can enjoy a higher quality of healthy life.

Nova Sea Atlantic® Sea Cucumber Capsules Explore a New Life in Health Care

Nova Sea Atlantic® Sea Cucumber Capsules unveiled at the Consumer Expo, displaying their locally-produced health products brought by AKSO from Canada. It is a natural health product registered by Health Canada and won the 27th Best Retail New Product Award in Canada. AKSO has an independent R&D research and development team, and has close contacts with Canadian academic circles and government research institutions, and has strong technical capabilities for research and development of healthcare products.

As a nutrient-rich health food and functional food, sea cucumbers have been consumed by humans for hundreds of years. This is recorded in many classic Chinese traditional medicine works such as Compendium of Materia Medica.

Sea Cucumber Capsules are carefully made from natural sea cucumbers in the North Atlantic Ocean. They are rich in various antioxidants and contain collagen.

According to nutritional analysis, Atlantic sea cucumbers contain 66 g of protein (active amino acids) per 100 g of dry weight, 10 g of mucopolysaccharides, 3.2 g of sea cucumber saponins, 2 g of unsaturated fatty acids (including 1.36 g of omega 3&6), and are rich in vitamins and minerals. substance. More studies have shown that certain unique functional components in Atlantic sea cucumbers are higher in content than other sea cucumber varieties.

Combining online and offline marketing to continuously promote brand influence

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health Science Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Science Park, a member company of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, has a diversified business model. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health Sciences is a comprehensive service-oriented enterprise integrating large-scale health product agency and sales, cross-border e-commerce business, offline physical stores, and imported bonded warehousing. The company’s products include functional foods, health products, formula foods for special medical purposes, infant formula milk powder, infant formula foods, health equipment, beauty and personal care, household cleaning and other healthy consumer products. The company set up a Shishikang cross-border shopping experience store in Beijing Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone to provide on-site bonded customs clearance shopping and open up a one-stop consumer experience from overseas to consumers.

As a trusted agent and business partner of major health brands, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Health Sciences utilizes its own superior customer resources to further optimize imports through various channel operations such as online and offline linkage, physical stores and cross-border e-commerce The sales and promotion process of the brand in the Chinese market assists customers to increase the comprehensive added value and contributes to the sustainable development of the brand!