AKSO Marine Biotech Inc. wins Wild Blueberry Solutions Challenge

We are honoured to have won the Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Innovation Challenge with a grant of $126,000 to help grow sales, pursue new export markets and develop new products.  These products will use blueberries as a leading ingredient, including our sea cucumber ingredients.  We look forward to sharing these new products with you in the near future.

Our R&D Manager, Guangling Jiao, Ph.D., put immense work into our application for the Blueberry Solutions Challenge. This application displayed how innovative our product is, and our research efforts. Not only are we putting great work into the research of the benefits that our new products can offer, but we are working hard to develop these products as leading brands in the supplement category, reaching global consumers.  Congratulations Guangling for your hard work and dedication to AKSO.

“There are some fantastic products now on the market made with Nova Scotia’s wild blueberries, and the sector has enormous potential for further growth,” said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “Our department supports this challenge to help innovative companies develop new products and increase their income from Nova Scotia’s wonderful wild blueberries.”

The wild Blueberry Solutions Challenge is a competition among Nova Scotia companies to develop innovative value-added products and packaging solutions. It is a joint initiative between the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia.


“This unique project will help integrate two successful industries and healthy products. The commercialization of this new product will build on the wonderful health benefits of wild blueberries and export them around the world.”

     – Peter Swinkels, president, Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia

“The entire AKSO team is grateful to be selected to receive this award. Wild blueberry and Atlantic sea cucumber are among the most valuable resources in Nova Scotia. The two products work together to help boost immune function. Creating a unique product from them has been challenging but also very enlightening. The success of our Nova Sea Atlantic Sea Cucumber capsules makes us believe we will continue to create new products and continue development using both ingredients.”

     – Guangling Jiao, R&D manager, AKSO Marine Biotech Inc.

Please check out the following link for the full article from Halifax Today: https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/local-news/hacketts-cove-company-wins-wild-blueberry-solutions-challenge-3880446

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