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Key Collaborators

National Research Council

Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Center

NRC Halifax’s Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Center helps develop and optimize higher-end products from natural resources into products while protecting the environment and Canadians’ futures, and ensuring economic benefits. NRC provides R&D support for AKSO seeking for product and process innovations from sea cucumbers.


Food and Agriculture Inc.

Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. is a provincial development agency with the mission to help farmers, fishermen and food processors be more prosperous and profitable. Perennia is an extremely valuable tool and resource for the fisheries sector, especially those interested in developing new products and processes and becoming innovators to grow our businesses. AKSO has used their facilities and talented team of product development and quality and food safety experts in previous projects with great success.

Dalhousie University

Multiple Departments

Dalhousie is a research-intensive university located in Nova Scotia Canada. We have been working with Department of Process Engineering and Science, Department of Food Science, Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences on functional foods and nutraceuticals development from sea cucumber and improved value-added processing technologies to benefit the well-being of individuals and society.

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