Provide our customers the product from high quality Atlantic sea cucumber.


We have been making our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability for decades.


Our R&D team is innovative and creative, and always seeking for next

Sea Cucumber

Discoveries to Change Lives.

AKSO has always made every effort to take advantage of marine resources, devoting time and assets to maintain and develop highly scientific and technological standards in conjunction with the industry and product structure adjustment. This ensures our ability to produce highly nutritional products and high value health products.

Benefits you can expect from our product
NOVA SEA ATLANTIC™ Sea Cucumber capsules
  • From 100% wild caught sea cucumber.
  • Processed in a clean and sustainable way.
  • High purity & no contamination.
  • Low fat & high nutrition.
  • Rich in bioactive peptide joint-nourishing polysaccharides omega 3&6 essential amino acids frondosida and more.
  • Natural source of antioxidants.
  • Helps fight & protect against damage caused by oxidative radicals.

More about our products

Produced from Wild caught Atlantic Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumbers have been consumed for centuries by humans due to their high level of nutrition as both a health dietary supplement and functional food.

Demonstrated by Robust Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis of dry sea cucumbers revealed 63.7% protein, 9.84% polysaccharides, several saponin, mino acids and some minerals.

Enhanced by Latest Advanced Technology

AKSO has developed a powder product sealed in capsules which reserve 100% nutrition with advantages of being easy to carry along and convenient for intake.

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AKSO is located in Hacketts Cove, Nova Scotia, where Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. processes the best wild Canadian sea cucumber caught fresh from the coastal waters of Nova Scotia, Canada. Taking advantage of a shared facility, AKSO can product high quality ingredients from the first-class raw materials that have been deep frozen from the moment it was caught to maintain freshness.

Nova Sea AtlanticTM Sea Cucumber is a registered trademark for natural health ingredients developed from Atlantic sea cucumber as nutritional supplements. The high-quality raw materials make them stand out from the competition, of which bring benefit to human health and well being.

Work with outstanding collaborators

National Research Council

Aquatic and Crop Resource Development


Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc

Dalhousie University

Process Engineering and Science Dept.
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