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The traditional intake method of sea cucumber includes a rehydration process and pressure cooking which is time consuming, thus, AKSO has developed a fine powder product from Atlantic sea cucumber sealed in capsules as a dietary supplement. In the long process of research and development, we have completed a comprehensive literature search and analysis on the therapeutic benefits of sea cucumber constituents, in order to provide the scientific support of our product design. We have devoted our best effort to collaborate with Dalhousie University, National Research Council Canada, and Perennia Innovation Center to ensure our product is quality controlled, being safe and beneficial for human health. AKSO is delighted to develop products to reduce the trouble of disease and lead a healthier life for our customers.

AKSO sea cucumber

Why taking capsules is better than eating sea cucumber directly?

Nova Sea AtlanticTM sea cucumber capsules reserve 100% nutrition from Atlantic sea cucumber, with the advantages of being easy to carry along, and convenient for intake. After a long and strict review period, AKSO successfully registered pure Atlantic sea cucumber powder to Health Canada, and has been authorized the product license (NPN 80090812). This product is produced from only high-quality raw materials and designed as an immune booster and source of antioxidants. Nova Sea AtlanticTM Sea Cucumber capsules convert the sea cucumber to fine sized powder and revolutionizes the human body’s absorption efficiency of nutrients better than eating whole sea cucumbers.

For people who don’t have time to or don’t know how to cook sea cucumbers, Nova Sea AtlanticTM Sea Cucumber capsules are the best choice to maintain your health and wellbeing. Our product ensures you to get sea cucumber nutrients anytime, and anywhere.

Our target customers include seniors, people with compromised immune systems and consumers looking for a natural treatment to their ailments.

  • Made from 100% wild caught sea cucumber,processed by clean and sustainable way.
  • High purity,no contamination,never add any chemicals food additives or adulterations during our processing.
  • Low fat,high nutrition.
  • Natural source of antioxidant bioactive peptides joint-nourishing polysaccharides omega 3&6 essential amino acids frondoside and more.
  • Source of antioxidant.
  • Help protect/fight against damage caused by oxidative radicals.

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