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Innovation is the core driver of development. AKSO plans to become more profitable by increasing the usage of raw materials and reducing by-products created in processing by developing new products for human health market. 
In order to do this, AKSO is investing in new research and development activities, and leveraging scientific partnerships with local and international academia, including National Research Council of Canada and other reputable research institutes.


This involves a comprehensive search and analysis of the scientific literature for sea cucumber nutritive and bioactive uses, commercial products, technologies, and intellectual property. AKSO has set up its own laboratory, staffed by professional researchers to collect and disseminate this information. 


Active research to develop a deep-processed, powdered whole sea cucumber ingredient currently registered as NOVA SEATM NATURALS, categorized as a natural health product (NHP) in Canada. This powder is an entry level product into the Canadian and U.S. dietary supplement markets.


Research activities focused on harvesting key bioactive ingredients from sea cucumber. This will involve extraction of sulfated polysaccharides, saponins and other components, with focus on enhanced potency for select dietary supplements, immune support and studying their pharmaceutical viability such as anti-cancer agents.
Concurrently, AKSO has access to the plentiful seal and seaweed supply resources available in Canada, and has the ability to process semi-finished products for export. 

We have been increasing the research and development of health care products utilizing these materials to meet the growing demand for natural health products in China.
Besides nutraceuticals, AKSO is contributing good effort to develop cosmeceuticals from marine origins as well. 

We are working on bioactive components for cosmetic ingredients with its collaborators and plans to launch its first cosmetic product in 2019, which would bring increased prosperity of the company by becoming into a more innovative, environmentally friendly, and profitable industry.

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AKSO Marine Biotech

Since 2016, AKSO has been focusing on research and development of bioactive ingredients and natural health products from wild caught Atlantic sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) and other marine materials, which are obtained and processed in a natural and sustainable manner.
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