Sea Cucumber and Immune Function

Sea cucumber has been a sought-after ingredient since ancient times, so it’s no surprise this
ocean-dweller has been appearing in natural supplements.

Modern research is now underway to confirm what traditional Chinese cultures have known for
millennia: that sea cucumber’s health benefits extend beyond simple nourishment (though they
provide that too, as a food common in many dishes). Once confirmed, exciting new
opportunities lay ahead for remedies in immunity and disease.

Sea cucumber has been researched actively for its potential immune-boosting benefits plus the
established benefits and its uses as a concentrated source of amino acids and a powerful

On top of this research, frondoside A (a saponin), found uniquely in the Canadian-sourced
Atlantic Sea Cucumber, is being researched into its anti-cancer and immune function benefits.

Sea cucumbers produce bioactive compounds called triterpenoid saponins, a key in immune
function, and they are the only echinoderms—and one of few animals on Earth—that produce

How do saponins work? According to research, saponins work as the creature’s defense
mechanism by binding to cholesterol molecules (found in animals – in this case, predators of the
sea cucumber) which causes cell death. Bad news for a predator, but a wonderful means of
protection for the sea cucumber.

Research continues to reveal important applications of saponins for humans, too. Triterpenoid
saponins are continually used in medicine and various health remedies as defensive
compounds against pathogenic microbes.

This exciting new research in the field focuses on sea cucumber saponins being used in
medicinal products and trials and the increasing significance of saponins in fields like cancer

Here’s what you need to know, plus where research is headed.

In addition, the amino acids found in sea cucumber—namely glycine, glutamic acid, and
arginine—have been shown to stimulate the creation of immune cells. These cells boost
immunity and aid in the cellular response to invading infection or disease. Sea cucumber also
contains a rich variety of other proteins that have demonstrated the unique ability to energize
the immune system and boost immunity.

Further research into these amino acids is ongoing from our side- and we can’t wait for you all
to make the most of Atlantic sea cucumber!

Excitingly, Nova Sea Atlantic has been working with the National Research Council of Canada
and Dalhousie University in Halifax on a clinical trial to test the potential immune benefits of sea
cucumber in human participants. So far this research (still ongoing) has shown a 3x boost in
antibody response after just 30 days, as well as a reduction in inflammation. The key to these
immune benefits lies in the quality of our sea cucumber, which we are HIGHLY dedicated to!
Behind our clinical research lies benefits that have been widely accepted in naturopathic
communities and cultures for years!

We are looking forward to seeing the final results of the study – and hope you are, too! The
more we can invest in Canadian sustainably caught ingredients like Atlantic Sea Cucumber, the
better we’ll be able to address health issues like immune response to threats like infections and
other stressors. This is only the beginning of our work into natural health ingredients and their
extraordinary value.

Our Dedication

We are the ONLY company worldwide conducting human clinical trials on Cucumaria frondosa
exploring the wonderful benefits of this uniquely Atlantic Canadian species supported by the
Ocean Supercluster of Canada.

Our mission lies in a sustainably farmed Canadian species because we’re dedicated to our
proud Canadian story!

Want to indulge in these benefits?

If you’re interested in reaping the health benefits and nutritional punch of Atlantic Sea
Cucumber, you can find Nova Sea Atlantic sea cucumber capsules on and!



AKSO Marine Biotech

Since 2016, AKSO has been focusing on research and development of bioactive ingredients and natural health products from wild caught Atlantic sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) and other marine materials, which are obtained and processed in a natural and sustainable manner.
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